About me

Who am I?

This has been the the essential question of philosophers for millennia, and I’m afraid I don’t yet have an answer for you.

If I could say anything about myself, it’s that I am an inquirer.

I watch how I move and where I move from. Is it in integrity? Does it come from enough heart? I’m still learning this. I don’t imagine that the learning ever stops.

How do we balance our capacity to feel—that crucial factor that gives us access to empathy, creativity, compassion, and aliveness—with our current fascination with data collection, machine-learning, and keeping our inboxes at zero?

I often feel into how society is evolving. Where is technology taking us, and where are we taking it? Can design alone maintain the human element, or  are there deeper views that we can include?

Why does a blend of curry powder, cumin seeds, turmeric, and cayenne add such a good flavor to my omelettes?

I don’t know what this blog is about.

I don’t know what the topics will be here. I don’t even have any analytics set up to track you and your content proclivities. If you want make yourself known, I have set up an ancient interface called a contact form. When you send me a message, I will read it with my human eyeballs, and I may even tippy-tap a response if you’ve provided your email.

The “data” around making “good sharable content” is to use lots of engaging photos—video preferably—and to stick to a topic; to make sure it’s short form and the titles are A/B tested. Maybe stick the topic of one’s profession. I certainly have a page about that here. But I’m just writing in this blog for me. And for you, dear reader, who has delved so deeply into the About section.

Now that you’re here, I now have a question for you: How deeply have you dived into yourself?